Pulau Kapas 17 - 19 April 2015 - The Dive Trip That Wasn’t
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Sometimes you head off with the best expectations in the world and get served what can best be said to be a pile of rubbish …

So it was in April when Ainon, Bill Barrow, Salmah and I set off with high hopes to Pulau Kapas. We had had a very good trip to Kapas previously so we had great hopes this time…

Weather was fair, the resort was comfortable, food good, cats were many and the diving … dreadful!!

Diving was in fact was so bad (poor vis, no life, swell and some current) that by mutual consent we did no more diving after the first disastrous dive…

So the underwater pics shown here are from the previous Kapas trip … what we were looking for but did not get in April … oh well, better luck next time!!
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