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Revisiting An Old Friend …
Pulau Bidong, 13 - 14 July 2019

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Perfect weather, calm seas and negligible current made for a highly enjoyable dive trip to Pulau Bidong, a site that MSAC has rarely visited since its days as a Vietnamese refugee holding island.

Diving was arranged with the Sea Monkey dive group and divemasters and boat crew were very attentive. With two days only available we packed six quality dives into the schedule. Day one included a dive halfway between P. Bidong and P. Karah followed by a nice shallow wreck dive on the sunken Vietnamese vessel just off the Bidong jetty. After lunch, a third dive was made on the backside of Bidong where despite good corals, the visibility and marine life was much reduced.

Day two saw us diving P. Karah and twice on Trudy’s favourite spot, the Lighthouse (half way between Merang and P. Bidong) with great visibility and a plethora of life, including large and small rays, moray eels, plenty of crown of thorns, magnificent puffer fish, lots of molluscs including Lambis lambis and a very active tiger cowrie (among many).

Highlight for me was the devil scorpionfish (Inimicus didactylus) that Trudy ‘persuaded’ to arise from its sandy covering and reveal itself to us. All in all a high quality (though short) dive trip with a strong chance that we will return to P. Bidong in the not too distant future.

… text Stewart / pics Salmah

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