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Malayan Sub-Aqua Club - Trip Reports

Off To A Good Start …
Pulau Tioman
23 to 25 March 2019

text and photos - Trudy and Gary

The first MSAC Dive Trip for 2019 was to Tioman which the club had not been to for some years. But given last year's Redang trip got monsoon'ed in March, we thought Tioman might be a safer option so early in the year.

Indeed, the weather was good and water calm for all three days and we enjoyed some good diving.

Pulau Renggis had courting cuttlefish and some sizeable sharks while schooling barracuda and some interesting nudis were seen at other sites.

Unfortunately, Trudy was out for most of the time with a cold, but Gary, Rozie and Jasmin did all 6 dives and even the snorkelers, Haris, Man, Ashmeir and Yanty had fun visiting six sites in one day! Since we shared a van KL-Mersing-KL, the trip logistics were pretty easy ... the club should return soon to Tioman!

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