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'Diver Down'

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Captain Michael R. Ange, author of ‘Diver Down’, wears many hats in the diving industry, including Managing Director of the Americas Division for the Professional Scuba Association International and contributing writer and technical editor for Scuba Diving magazine. An author, photojournalist, and internationally recognised lecturer, Mike has a personal training background as varied as his list of students, including military, law enforcement, and technical and recreational training.

‘Diver Down’ catalogs numerous stories of diver-related mishaps; out-of-air situations, DCS hits, and lost at sea incidents. Sometimes these are accidental and sometimes the result of diver error or overconfidence, with serious injury or even death as an outcome. This book is a salutary lesson to all divers, not merely those practicing higher risk technical diving, about the need for training, safe procedures and a proactive approach to incident (and accident) prevention.

Mike Ange pulls no punches in describing the various incidents, the events leading up to them and the consequences (sometimes tragic). But this is not merely a vicarious listing of horrific diving accidents. With his background as a highly experienced diver trainer and journalist, Ange provides insights into the technical aspects of each incident and discusses the potential for accidents and proper safety approaches to minimise risk. In addition, ‘Diver Down’ opens with a section on ‘Scuba 101’, covering in brief many of the aspects of Scuba diving which form the basis for recreational and technical diver training world-wide. While not a diving manual per se, these sections and inserts complement other training materials with valuable, experience based knowledge and insights of use to divers everywhere.

Nevertheless, ‘Diver Down’, in an eminently easy-to-read style, is a call to action for divers to learn and follow established safety protocols and be ready to practice emergency responses in real-world situations.

'Diver Down’ can be found for purchase in the Amazon on-line book store as a hard copy or Kindle book.

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